Ted Cruz Silences Colin Kaepernick After Colin Trashed USA In fourth of July Comment

Ted Cruz just cleaned the smile appropriate off Colin Kaepernick's face with a straightforward yet significant history exercise.

See, the left (the GOP does this as well) likes to filter out history to come to their meaningful conclusions. They don't recount to the entire story as it would demolish their contentions.

Either out of close to home ineptitude of scorn for their very own group of spectators, they keep them out of the loop while they profit. It could be said this is exceptionally American, all things considered, we have a long history of a quack remedy sales reps.

Ted Cruz, in any case, was not having it and sorted the Colin out. Kaepernick tweeted out a statement from Frederick Douglas:

"What have I, or those I speak to, to do with your national freedom? This Fourth of July is yours, not mine… There isn't a country on the earth blameworthy of practices more stunning and ridiculous than are the general population of these United States at this very hour."

Enter Ted Cruz: "You quote a forceful and memorable discourse by the incredible abolitionist Frederick Douglass, be that as it may, without setting, numerous cutting edge perusers will misconstrue. Two basic focuses:

"This discourse was given in 1852, preceding the Civil War, when the anathema of subjugation still existed. Because of Douglass thus numerous different saints, we finished that peculiar malice and have made huge steps to ensuring the social equality of everyone," Cruz tweeted.

"Douglass was not hostile to American; he was, properly and enthusiastically, abolitionist servitude. Surely, he closed the discourse as pursues:

"Enable me to, taking everything into account, despite the dull picture I have this day introduced, of the condition of the country, I don't give up on this nation.

"There are powers in activity, which should unavoidably, work the destruction of subjugation. 'The arm of the Lord isn't abbreviated,' and the fate of servitude is sure."

"I, along these lines, leave off where I started, with expectation. While drawing consolation from 'the Declaration of Independence,' the incredible standards it contains, and the virtuoso of American Institutions, my soul is likewise cheered by the undeniable inclinations of the age."